love love haruma!

Name: Neko
Country: Philippines
Email: neko2_desu@yahoo.com
Why do you like haruma: he's super cute but he's such a great actor. i first saw him at gokusen and he is super cool like he's the best character that gokusen had.^_____^ though i like kame's character too. then i had watched bloody monday and it became one of my faves. he's so young but he's such a natural actor. i love how he acts.
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Name: Shams
Country: Philippines
Email: shamscism@yahoo.com
Why do you like haruma: I don't know him at all, not until I watched Koizora and I totally fell in love with him. He's such a great actor and I really admire his acting skills. And from that time on, I started watching Gokusen 3 and the rest of his dramas. He's versatile and one of a kind. The fact that he's only 19, he's already an acting genius.

Love Miura so much!

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Name: Oxana
Country: vietnam
Email: hyoleeclan@gmail.com
LiveJournal: ostyle.livejournal.com
Why do you like haruma: "KOIZORA" movie is the first movie , i began to watch when i gave a chance into J - entertainment. And i'm in love with it . XDD I'm crazy fan of manga , so "koizora" is wonderful and romantic story , the cast is great , that mean Haruma & Gakki , look like they come from manga world :"> .
I find out more and more about him , not only handsome , he is so talent . His skill improve because his hard work.
He is younger than me , same age with my young brother . ^^ haha... i will see and support him .

Nice to meet all hamura fans XDD.
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Name: Eléonore
Country: France
Email: x-vorbeiii@hotmail.fr
LiveJournal: x_elusiv
Why do you like haruma: He's so cute. His smile makes melt my heart. I discovered him in 14 Sai non Haha 6 months ago and since I can't forgot him. I saw Koizora, I cried so much. I finished Gokusen 3 the last week, he was so lovely, even when he is uncouscious at the hospital in the last episode. I am downloading Binbo Danshi in this moment, but it takes time. My aim is to marry him, i'm hopeful =)
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Name: Anna
Country : Australia, Sydney
Email : annajanet@hotmail.com
livejournal: anna12125
Why do you Like Haruma : Watched Koizora, cried and loved him to death. Started missing him then went to watch 14 sai no haha and binbo danshi. *sigh...  Like his personality, his smile, his looks, the fact that he's older than me by 2 months.


Name: Caroline
Country : France. 
Email : meiyo_battosai@msn.com
livejournal: missk-rOo
Why do you Like Haruma : Because.... when I saw him in Gokusen I thought he was awesome !!!! Then I've watched Koizora ... HE WAS SOOO AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've cried sooooo much !! Koizora is now my favourite movie and Haruma my favourite actor !!!! With blonde or black hair he is still HOOOOTT !!!!
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